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About Us is a product of RS Hunter Limited, an HR Consulting firm based in Nigeria that has built its reputation by giving Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME's) access to international best practice HR solutions.

The site originally served as the company's recruitment portal until 2015 when RS Hunter management agreed to have a two-tier recruitment service such that where RS Hunter's specialist recruitment service (Executive Selection/Headhunting) is not required, clients can fill certain roles within their organisation, particularly those that require non-technical but skilled professionals.

Employers utilising this portal are companies providing a range of services, including:

  • Hospitality Services
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Food Industry (Catering, Baking, Confectionaries)
  • Fashion & Garments
  • Events Management
  • Interior Decor & Design
  • Courier/Distribution/Logistics Services
  • Call Centre Services
  • Customer Care & Support
  • Telemarketing

With candidates are able to:

  • Submit their CV's into a database which can be accessed by numerous employers
  • Apply for vacancies on the site with a few clicks
  • Let potential employers find them

The platform which gives employer's quick access to candidates' profiles allowssigned up companies find people with the right skills required to fill essential but non-technical roles making it a must-have tool for jobseekers and employers alike!